Meet Grace!

March 05, 2019

Meet Grace!

Grace goes to Smith College and joined one of our Biology research projects at the University of Iceland!

What did you research?

I was involved in research focused on exploring if there are phenotypic and genetic differences significant enough between common whelks from Iceland and those from Canada to declare them separate species. I primarily focused on data processing and analysis while in Iceland and learned R studio on the job. In addition to analysis, I was involved in lab work and learned how to run PCRs, perform gel electrophoresis, and DNA extractions. I also got to dissect a few whelks which was really cool!

How was your coordinator Jon?

Jon was fantastic. He was so welcoming and did his absolute best to make sure that things were going great for us. Jon was a lot of fun on the excursions that we went on and explained a good amount about the areas that we traveled to. He was always reachable and made time for us to get to know him!

Would you recommend the program?

I would! If you are looking for a guaranteed placement with housing and the opportunity to make connections with professors as well as other students this is a great way to go!