Meet Katherine!

March 05, 2019

Meet Katherine!

Katherine currently studies at the University of Chicago. She did her placement at the University of Edinburgh!

How was Toby, your coordinator while in Edinburgh?

Toby was fantastic! He has a vast amount of knowledge about the city, and is so considerate and helpful. He responds quickly and plans fantastic excursions that teach so much about the culture and history of Scotland.

What was your favorite excursion? 

All of the excursions were incredible, but my favorite was probably going up north, because on the way Toby also stopped at Linlithgow Palace and Blackwell Castle, which were incredible as well. Because I had mentioned an interest in architecture, Toby adjusted our tour plans to show me more examples of Scottish architecture. He shared these exceptional buildings with me that aren't very popular tourist spots and that I probably would never have known about if not for him.

Would you recommend the program to another student?

Yes, absolutely. This programs shows you what it means to be a working adult in a different culture, which includes different a work environment as well as giving you the chance to explore the city at your own leisure. The apartment is wonderful, both in location and in the flat itself, there's a great support system if you should need anything, and the work experience is fantastic!