Sustainability and Renewable Energy in London

There are several different internship and research opportunities within Sustainability and Renewable Energy that are available in London: Biomass, Bioenergy, Carbon Storage, Offshore Renewable Energy, Solar, Fuel Cell and more.

We want you to have hands on experience in these leading research groups and organizations. The experience will help you continue to solve these generational challenges as you look to graduate school and your professional career.

    1. Personal Advisor
    2. Research Placement
    3. Onsite Coordinator
    4. Airport Pickup
    5. Onsite Orientation
    6. Housing
    7. Excursions
    8. Insurance
    9. And more!
    1. Apply Online ($49 application fee)
    2. After application, you will video call with Perinorth. We will go over your resume/CV and talk through your goals, interests and research groups that fit
    3. After acceptance, you confirm your spot in the program
    4. Once confirmed, we finalize your resume/CV and we start organizing your interviews
    5. You then video interview with the research groups you're most interested in
    6. After the interviews, you'll receive an invitation letter to join the research group
    7. Four-six weeks before the program starts, you receive all of the final program details
    8. You're then able to connect with the other students on the program before you leave
    9. The last thing to do is to hop on a plane!
    1. Can I research for credit? Yes, we will be more than happy to work with you and your University to meet the requirements for credit.
    2. Can I use financial aid? Yes, if you're receiving credit for your experience, traditional financial aid options can apply.
    3. Is the application process competitive? Yes, however, don't let this stop you! We work to make this opportunity available to as many students as we can!
    4. Are there any GPA requirements? No, we find that many factors outside of GPA have a greater influence on acceptance.
    5. Can I apply if I don't live in the US? Yes, we have many students from Canada, India, China, Europe and the rest of the world!
    6. Are there scholarships available? Yes, we do have scholarships available.
    7. Do I have to choose a location now? No, if you are open to different locations, we can have you interview in different locations!
    8. Do I need to know a foreign language? No, all of our programs are offered in English.
    9. Is there an application deadline? No, our programs generally fill quite early, and applications open a year from the start date.
    10. Am I guaranteed a research position? Yes, all of our programs are guaranteed upon acceptance!

London, England


I can speak for both myself and my roommates in saying that this apartment is absolutely incredible and we love it! ~ Lacey M., Elizabethtown College

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