Frequently Asked QUestions

Yes, we will be more than happy to work with you and your University to meet the requirements for credit.

Yes, if you're receiving credit for your experience, traditional financial aid options can apply.

Yes, however, don't let this stop you! We work to make this opportunity available to as many students as we can!

No, we find that many factors outside of GPA have a greater influence on acceptance.

Yes, we have many students from Australia, India, China, Europe and the rest of the world!

Yes, we do have scholarships available. Your program advisor will provide the scholarship details for your specific program.

No, if you are open to several locations, we can have you interview in different cities!

No, all of our programs are offered in English.

No, our programs generally fill quite early, and applications open a year from the start date.

Yes, all of our programs are guaranteed upon acceptance!